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Early Childhood Center

"Childhood is a journey, not a race"

Dear Parents,

The first years of life are of vital importance to a child’s growth and development.  From birth on, foundations are laid which influence the ability of a child to accept himself or herself, relate to others and respond positively to the environment.  While family relationships provide a young child with the best models for developing attitudes, values and appropriate behavior, interactions with other adults and children are also extremely important and promote ways for a child to relate to the world around him or her.
The Early Childhood Program at St. Mary of the Hills School is a warm, caring, risk-free environment where young children are encouraged to develop a positive image of themselves and others.  Children are challenged and encouraged to develop at their own pace through a rich variety of activities and experiences.  At the same time, children are given the time and space to be children--free to play, explore and imagine.  The program is designed to lead them from wonder to discovery and from investigation to affirmation.  All this is blanketed in the knowledge and awareness that we are all God’s children and members of a Christian community that values love, friendship and family.
  • An age and developmentally appropriate experience
  • A theme-based, Christ-centered environment
  • A smooth transition to our Elementary School
  • A structure for children to learn through play and cooperative learning
  • Systematic, age-appropriate experiences that allow children to master the readiness skills needed to meet with success

St. Mary’s ECC is among the finest in the area and provides children with experiences that enrich all aspects of life:  spiritual, academic, social and physical.  Learning may look like child’s play here, but the play is orchestrated by skilled teachers with a serious goal:  the steady development of the social, emotional and intellectual skills that young children need to succeed in school.

The best way for you to see if St. Mary’s is the right choice for you and your child is to come and visit!  Remember, school is a partnership with parents in the care and development of your most valuable possession: your child! Tours are available every week, and you can join one by calling 617-698-2464.  Our screening takes place in February; and it is important that your child is registered early, as admissions decisions are made at that time. We hope to see you on campus!
Mary L. Field
Director, ECC