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Curriculum Overview


Students at St. Mary of the Hills learn the importance of spirituality in their lives.  Bearing witness to Jesus’ example, students are made aware of the sacrifices that He made for them. Through studying the Bible and daily prayer, students develop an appreciation of the important influence of Jesus in their lives.  Daily religious education, monthly Mass, faith-centered community service activities, and prayer services play an important role in the spiritual development of students who are inspired by God’s gifts. 

As disciples of Jesus Christ, students embrace Catholic doctrine and develop an appreciation of the diversity around them.  With an education grounded in the Catholic faith, students have the opportunity to be self-reflective about their relationship with Jesus and to make ethical choices while following God’s will.    

Made in God's image and likeness, our students are encouraged to find their success and fulfillment and happiness in life by using the gifts God has given to them, especially using those gifts in the service tothose who are less fortunate and truly needy.  Students are expected to be positive role models and lead by example.  Whether solving a playground disagreement or debating political issues, the lessons in morals and ethics are echoed by the question, “What would Jesus do?” 


St. Mary of the Hills students are challenged to be seekers of wisdom and knowledge.  The academic program is rigorous, and students are expected to achieve their personal best.  The academic curriculum encompasses the Archdiocese of Boston Curriculum Guidelines and the Massachusetts State Frameworks.  St. Mary of the Hills School provides a traditional Catholic education hallmarked by self-discipline coupled with innovative learning opportunities that encourage students to be life-long learners.   
Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten strive to develop the whole child recognizing that children develop at different rates.  The curriculum expectations are broad to allow teachers to adjust their programs to meet the children’s interests and developing abilities.  Students in Grades 1-4 develop a solid academic foundation and are guided to grow confidently as individuals, to take risks, to solve problems, and to make a difference.  Students in Grades 5-8 continue to build upon the established foundation while pursuing more thought-provoking assignments and projects.  Our program is designed to develop specific knowledge and skills and to fulfill a larger mission of instilling healthy habits of mind, heart, and action.

As part of a community devoted to the joy of learning, students are challenged by high academic standards to achieve their personal best.  Innovative lessons and small classes encourage students to be well-prepared, capable, disciplined, and passionate seekers of knowledge and truth.     


Students, parents, teachers, parishioners, alumni, and benefactors who see the need to provide a quality Catholic education form the St. Mary of the Hills School community.  All facets of the diverse community work together to strengthen the bonds that brought us together.  The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosts monthly social events to allow the community to come together to celebrate the cultures, holidays, and traditions of the School community.  The PTO also coordinates fundraising events for the School.  The funds that are generated enable the students to participate in educational field trips and attend cultural arts presentation at St. Mary’s.

There are many opportunities for the wealth of talent in our community to be shared and nurtured.  The success of St. Mary of the Hills School is built around a strong partnership between home and school.  By choosing to be part of the School community, families make a commitment to the benefits of a Catholic education.  They understand the important role that community and social interactions play in the social and faith formation of the students.        

The nurturing and safe atmosphere promotes a partnership between home, school, and community.  This collaboration instills in the students the importance of sharing the time, talent, and treasure bestowed on them by Jesus Christ.  Students participate in a myriad of activities that promote social justice and awareness to enrich the overall program.


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